What does your future hold?

And what will you leave behind?

It’s time to own your own investment.

Investing in Land

Land, property, the soil under your feet: it’s the ultimate investment, the part of your financial portfolio you can truly rely on. Forestar Group offers some of the finest waterfront, mountain and timberland property in Georgia, in tracts from 30 acres to 3,000 acres.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet corner for you and your family to enjoy, or a financial legacy you can leave behind for your kids – and their kids, or if you’re simply looking to find some financial footing in risky times, Forestar has a host of properties for you to explore. In challenging times, land is the investment that lasts a lifetime, not only for your portfolio, but for your family’s future.

Why invest in land?

Timberland: A Stable Investment for the Future
A White Paper by Dr. Brooks Mendell